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Sunday School


Bible Study at Florence Church provides an opportunity for all to experience God's Word with their peers.  We offer classes for infants through senior adults and strive to provide a place where one can grow both spiritually and in fellowship with others.  Our Preschoolers, Children, and Youth all meet in our Christian Growth Center (CGC).  Infants through age five are introduced to God, Jesus, major Bible characters and stories.  Age-appropriate activities help them learn that God loves them and that church is a safe place to grow and learn. Our school-age children explore God’s Word as they study the books of the Bible and learn how God’s  creation unfolds.  They get to know the people of the Bible and how God ‘s plan for our world continues to unfold. Preteens (Grades 5 & 6) and Youth( Grades 7-12) meet on the upper level of our CGC.  Their Bible Study deepens their knowledge of God’s Word and they learn practical ways to apply the Bible to their daily lives. 

Christian Growth Center Directory:

Lower Level

Room 108            Infants & Toddlers

Room 110            One’s & Two’s

Room 112            Three’s

Room 116            Four’s

Room 119            Five’s

Room 118            First Grade

Room 115            Second Grade

Room 113            Third Grade

Room 109            Fourth Grade

Upper Level

Room 207            Fifth & Sixth Grades

The Loft               Youth (Grades 7-12)


Adults  at Florence have a variety of classes and curriculum styles from which to choose.  The majority of classes meet in our Adult Education Center (AEC).  One class meets in our Life Enrichment Center(LEC), and two meet in our Sanctuary Building. Adult Classes above the college level use three different curriculums.  Three classes use the Life Ventures Series designed for Senior Adults, five classes use the Uniform Series based on the International Bible Study Series, and five classes use the Masterworks Series.  Both the Life Ventures and the Uniform Series are traditional Bible studies.  The Masterworks format is more discussion-oriented.  Bible-based, life-applicable lessons are taken from writings of contemporary Christian authors like Billy Graham, Beth Moore, Charles Stanley, etc.   

Adult Education Center Directory

Third Floor:

Room 302            College Class

This class uses mostly Topical- Based studies which help young adults make life decisions. 

Room 303            Directions Class (Masterworks Series) Couples 30’s-40’s

Room 305            Fireproof Class (Masterworks Series) Couples 30 and above 

Room                   WOW Class (Masterworks Series) Couples 30+ through 60+     

Second Floor:

Room 202            BIG Class(Masterworks Series) Couples 40+ through 60+

Room 204            Virgil Webb Class (Uniform Series) Senior Adult Men

Room 206            Faith Class (Life Venture Series) Senior Adult Women

Room 208           Care Class (Uniform Series) Middle to Senior Adult Men

Suite 205

       Room A         Joy Class (Life Ventures) Middle to Senior Adult Women

       Room F         Helping Hands Class (Uniform Series) Adult Women

First Floor:

Room 104            Young Marrieds and Career Singles (Masterworks Series)



Sanctuary Building

Lower Level        Church Parlor-Sonshine Class (Uniform Series) Adult Women

Main Level          Room 201-Friendship/Hope (Life Ventures Series) Senior Adult Women

Life Enrichment Center Directory (LEC)

Dining Room      FBIC Class(Uniform Series) Middle to Senior Adult Couples