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Great Givers: Barnabas!

    Oct 30, 2016

    Passage: Acts 4:36-37

    Preacher: Bobby Gantt

    Series: Preaching/Pledge Phase LightShine IV

    Category: Discipline


    Just a thought: In LightShine IV, we invite everyone to become a tither and then to pledge a weekly or monthly amount over and above the tithe for the next three years to help us retire the debt on the Christian Growth Center. What is involved in being great givers? Today, we learn from Barnabas. Great Giving is Resurrection Giving! Great Giving is Courageous Giving! Great Giving is One Heart and Mind Giving! As we go: When we follow the example of Barnabas, we will be great givers, and great and wonderful things will happen at Florence Baptist Church.


    Sermon October 30, 2016